Friday, 6 March 2009

#90 No Kidding Gloves

I remember reading once that Scarlett Johansson's bottom is as soft and pert as a fresh peach. That was the comment made by the make-up artist on the set of 'Lost in Translation', where the bountiful SJ spent an indecent amount of time in her scanties (remember those peer-through sheer pink ones?). Now, before this descends in to perv-ville, I'll cut to the chase and say that on reading those words, my heart sank. Heck, my butt probably dropped another couple of millimetres too. You see, despite dousing myself in lotion and scrubbing my skin until it threatens to bear bone, I've never had flawless, silky skin. It's always better in summer when arms are aired and I've been dipping in and out of the sea (which works wonders) - but on an average day in the middle of London, hidden beneath my clothes there will be a pair of blotchy arms, an unhappy looking thigh and perhaps a slightly scratchy-feeling calf. Schexy? Non. And though I've found some killer body creams in my time, none of them succeed in eking out sufficient, long-term changes.

So, imagine my surprise when I recently spent the evening with my sister and two of her buttery-bodied best friends, and discovered how they had all managed to emerge from winter's sarcophagus, as satin-soft as a Galaxy bar: Exfoliating Gloves - the really cheap ones you can pick up from Boots and Superdrug.

I've tried dozens of sponges, scrubs and body brushes in my time, but until I picked up these man-made (and very scratchy when dry) mitts, I had never come as close to that 'peachy skin' sensation.

My sister (who really does have the SOFTEST skin), has a shower and at the end, when skin is soft and warmed up, douses the gloves (wet) with Dove Moisturising Shower Cream and rubs, in circular motions, from toes to tops of arms. Round and round, just like Karate Kid mid-Wax On Wax Off session. She does it once a week.

Her friend uses Dove too, same gloves, but does it everyday.

Me, well, I've found that taking a lovely long hot bath, filled with NEOM Organics Bath Oil in Restore (there are no words), then popping gloves on, dipping them into the moisturising, oily water, and buffing away at skin while still wet and hot from the bath, shaves off all the scales and leaves things smile-inducingly smooth. To finish, a generous layer of Spiezia Organic Restorative Body Balm (another recent and much-loved discovery). No hyperbole - truly - just blissfully, baby-soft skin. Problem is, the winter wardrobe now seems to assault, rather than comfort... but, well, it's a small price to pay for a posterior as soft (one hopes) as Scarlett's...