Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Miss Malcontent has moved

Hope to see you soon,

Farewell friends,



Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Final Curtain

When I began this blog, back in 2007, very few other British beauty blogs existed. As a working beauty editor (albeit a freelance one), I had constant access to the latest product launches, and felt that if I was able to put them through their paces before Mrs Bloggs paid good money for the ‘promise’, I’d be helping those root out of the beauty wheat from the cosmetic chaff (and chuff). I loved writing the blog, got a lot of attention for my blunt and oft-brutal reviews, but also felt that I’d maintained my integrity – being an honest blogger had a positive impact on my editorial career, and doing the job I do now, I still approach every product write-up with that same blogger’s mindset. But, to bridge the gap between then (2007) and now – when there are hundreds upon hundreds of committed beauty bloggers & vloggers, sharing news several times a day, pipping every launch to the post, snapping product, competing for exclusives – I’m just not up to the task anymore. I have a full time job, a full time child… and this baby blog of mine has a malcontent of a mama whose heart flew the nest. I’m proud of what it was; I’m proud of the content it still contains, but calling myself a blogger does a disservice to those who live, breathe, and sniff it.

I’ll continue to serve up snapshots at

And will undertake a steady consolidation of Miss M’s content over to We Make Up – there is, after all, a directory of product reviews still accessible here that I’d be loath to lose.

But, to put it simply, this homepage is no longer my home.

Farewell, and thanks for reading.