Thursday, 30 October 2008

#81 The Price is Right

I've never been an avid watcher of the news, but of late, I've been even less inclined to sit in front of the daily bulletins, so demoralised have I been with our current state of economy (credit crunch, credit crunch, credit crunch), society (I live in the South East, which the news reports would have me believe is the new South Central LA) and culture (AKA the Brand and Ross debacle). Where has all the good news gone? We know that times are tough, belts are tight, banks are to blame, the government's in a squeeze and our former empire of an economy is now looking green around the gills and weak in the knees, but, where possible, life must still go on.

I'm not a big spender - I punctuate months of abstinence with the occasional end-of-season sale treat from net-a-porter - but in order to part with money at this time I feel as though the purchase must be both affordable and high-quality - but most importantly, it needs to deliver real value for money and something above and beyond the basics embodied by the price tag.

With this in mind:

Ruby + Millie are selling their Make-Up On The Go Travel Case for £25, as opposed to the normal £50. I've always liked their eye shadows and brushes and with this kit, you'll walk away with (I now revert to the press release): 10 eye colours, 5 lip colours, 4 metallic colours, 2 cheek colours, a highlighter, 5 make-up brushes in their own case, a cosmetic purse and a mirror. This will be beauty utopia for some, hell for others who prefer chic, downsized palettes to large, paintbox style trays - but regardless of personal preference, quality and value are both ticked by this beauty box. The offer is only valid from Friday 31st October - Thursday 6th November, at Boots.

The other notable 'credit crunch' offer comes courtesy of London salon WINDLE. On Tue 11th and Tue 18th November, they'll be serving up 'recession days', where absolutely everything under their roof will be sold at 50% off. Alongside cuts, colouring and treatments, it also includes Bumble and Bumble products and the full range of WAM electricals. WAM tools are great, by the way, in particular the anodized curling irons which come in five different barrel sizes. WINDLE is based at 41 – 45 Shorts Gardens, in Covent Garden. The number, if you fancy a chat, is 020 7497 2393.

So, there you go - my two top credit crunch tip-offs. That's as close as I'll ever get to advertising, but in these thrifty times, it feels right to share the wealth. And as Jamie Oliver might say - PASS IT ON!


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