Tuesday, 26 January 2010

# 116 Hot Shots

Guilt, immense guilt, at the gap in blogging leads me to scribble a list of the things I’ve loved in the interim. Well, they’ve put a smile on my face at any rate…

Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm
I began using this when my beloved ESPA Deep Cleansing Balm ran out (again), and because my skin felt drier than normal thanks to the Big Freeze we’re all bored of hearing about. The main point of difference between this and ESPA is that the NYR product does not emulsify, so it doesn’t rinse away cleanly in the same way that several other oil-based cleansers do (including Sarah Chapman and Vaishaly). For some reason, however, this hasn’t seemed to matter and after a good buff and steam with a muslin cloth, my skin is left feeling soft but not sticky or greasy. Of course it’s possible that this extra layer of nourishment is just what my skin happens to need at the moment – but the fact that I’ve not broken out in the three months that I’ve used it is also encouraging and when I do have blocked pores it’s easier than ever to ‘evacuate’ them, partly I think, because the balm seems to have made my skin that bit more pliable. As a winter staple, it’s a very good one – though not cheap (around £35). But I’ve been using it morning & night for 12 weeks & have a month’s use left in the pot. So… worth it.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Oil
I like the smell of this – and I’ve noticed that when I get the odd dry patch, this helps a great deal. I’ve been adding two drops to my ESPA Balancing Face Treatment Oil, mainly at night, but some mornings too, and it’s kept my reaction-prone skin feeling very very comfortable, even on the coldest days of the year. I also like patting a tiny bit around the eyes at night… it seems to hydrate nicely. Now, I’ve not tried the Ila Radiance Face Glowing Oil yet… and have heard that nothing compares (any opinions?) – but as far as inexpensive treats go, this is a winner.

The Organic Pharmacy Lipstick in Dark Pink
The best thing is the creamy formula – very balmy, without being sticky. It isn’t long-lasting, but because pigment’s so intense the colour does have a way of seemingly staining lips for the better part of the day. This is not a ‘waxy’ lipstick. The other thing I like is the colour – it’s a rather vivid raspberry, which looks brighter on lips (well, mine at any rate) than it does in the tube. It’s nice for an instant perk-up and great for sore winter lips too.

Yes to Carrots Deliciously Rich Body Butter
Just want to amend a prior posting. I liked this, then I didn’t so much (I felt it wasn’t great for those prone to back-of-arm bumps). Well, I got caught out without a body cream last week and have been using this for seven days straight, and I have to say that it really is bloody good stuff. You put it on in the morning and can still, quite palpably, feel the softness of your skin throughout the course of the day. Even as I type this, in an overly-heated office, enveloped in woollen jumper-dress, I’m stroking my lovely spongy soft arms. I just don’t get this sort of all-day softness from body oils. I’m also rather addicted to the baby-bottom-lotion scent. Mmmmmm. Reinstated.


Style Mews said...

oo neals yard is so cute, i went there to eat in a lunch break once.. random I know, love the scent of rose also so thankyou for this!xx

Liberty London Girl said...

TCS just gave me the rose serum, and even after 3 days I'm impressed.

Also Say Yes To Carrots is CONSISTENTLY excellent IMHO. So refreshing to be able to recommend a really efficacious brand at that price point.


Rose said...

just found you via LLG- am also a beauty obsessive- and a fragrance addict- don't know if you do those.

Am a Neal's yard fan- have been on courses there and like the products, am a frankincense range fan.

I must try yes to carrots, seeing lots of raves and it is good value- I get the dreaded arm bumps- what are those even- and thus far only korres butters shift them

Alexia said...

Ila Face Oil is my favourite product in the whole Cult Beauty inventory. I have yet to find a product that smells this good (Damascus rose & Sandalwood being the main scent). When my skin is dry it doesn't quite moisturise enough on its own, but it does make skin bloom.

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diving Boracay said...

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Anonymous said...

I use the Ila rose oil.. and definitely nothing compares when it comes to the beautiful smell. I either use it on its own at night or add a drop before or into my day moisturiser and it makes skin gorgeously soft. I have relatively young (late-twenties) combination skin and whilst its a lovely product I wouldn't say its essential