Friday, 19 March 2010

# 123 The Hairspray Riddle

Having watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland last week I've been unable to get the 'why is a raven like a writing desk?' ditty out of my noggin. Now, riddles in all of their tricky glory (whether decipherable or nonsensical), always get me excited (it's the junior chess-and-crossword-loving type in me). But how a hairspray can also function as an instant-frizz-inducing-bomb is not a question I'm so keen on answering (or at least experiencing in the run-up to a very very important meeting).

The product in question is Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity - and I used it on the morning of a screen-test for an ITV show. Hair was sleek & glossy - but with rainclouds looming I figured I needed an insurance policy. A rummage in my bag resulted in this long, black tube and a generous spritz later I figured I'd be set for life (or at least late into the morning). The product promises ultra-light flexible hold, or 'layer throughout the styling process to increase, even freeze, hold.' Now, this could be a case of the anti-smarts, and of course there's a chance I did the application bit all wrong - but I did the big spritz, followed by a quick brush through to smooth down, then another sealing spritz - and left the house with head held high.

A humid tube, a dash for the office, a sweaty lift-ride and a nervy introduction later & my hair had gone from modern-blunt to pouffy-puffery - but not big, Cheryl-esque waves, oh no, we're talking an unceremonious swelling (ever seen that episode of Friends set in Barbados, where Monica's hair gets all the biggest laughs? Yep, that was me).

A peek in the lobby mirror on my way out confirmed my worst fears - my hair looked utterly hideous - I've not seen frizz like that in years - not even during a boat ride in sweltering Southern Turkey. So, the riddle remains unsolved (why is this spray like a secret saboteur?), but the results are resounding: NEVER AGAIN.

Or, given that most Sebastian products really do deliver on their promises, not until further investigation/instruction from someone in-the-know at the very least. Any bright ideas?

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