Tuesday, 18 May 2010

# 127 Cosmic Dentistry

Sometimes the cosmos sends out some pretty cool messages - and to those lovely individuals at Oral-B who happened to read my last post [bemoaning the fact that my hubby destroyed my beloved sonic toothbrush] a hearty thank you for sending me a far superior replacement: the very latest Oral-B Triumph PC 5000, which sounds rather like a swanky personal computer, but is in fact a 'wireless' toothbrush. 'Wireless' because it communicates with an LED display, letting you know how long you ought to brush for, when to move it around the mouth, if you're pressing too hard and, most importantly for someone who is forever running out of the house a good deal later than they'd aimed to - a CLOCK. Why did I not think of putting a clock in the bathroom before? Lord knows - it would've saved me myriad mini heart attacks over the years & no doubt numerous arguments with Mr M too [my, 'I'll just be 10 minutes' is now, for the first time, an almost accurate prediction].

Anyway, back to this brush, which whizzes around so fast & furiously that teeth are polished up in 2 minutes flat - and to think I used to spend at least 3 reaching in for every nook & cranny. All those precious minutes I'll save... It also comes with 5 modes [4 of which I've yet to try, but have a 'whitening' session planned for later tonight... oh, the glamour] which are sensitive; daily clean; deep clean; whitening and gum massage. Blimey, this baby's going to put dentists out of business! Now, being preggers [sorry, I know I keep mentioning it, but it's responsible for at least 80% of my current beauty woes], means that my gums are that bit more sensitive, so this couldn't have arrived at a better time. Just 5 days in and teeth are that bit spanglier and gums haven't bled once. Now, to purchase this power-tool one would need to fork out in the region of £160. Ouch. Would I? Well, yes, as a matter of fact I absolutely would... as Sam Seaborn once said to CJ Cregg in The West Wing: 'Your teeth are the best friends you have CJ.' And one look at Rob Lowe tells us just how seriously he takes matters of oral hygiene. CHEESE!

And now for something I never do [rest assured, this isn't a monetarily endorsed plug], BUT it is currently, fittingly National Smile Month when slogans like the aforementioned might be bandied around rather too heavily, but when, in truth, rather important stats surface too: namely that the average Brit brushes their teeth for just 37 seconds. Blimey. That explains a lot.

So, even if you don't have the funds to put your money where your mouth is, you can always spend the time instead. Now rinse. And spit. And SMILE.

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