Monday, 30 July 2007

#43 Magic Mask

I have a problem recalling products that I’ve used in the past. I rifle through thousands of packages a year and unless I make a note of each and every one, there’s the risk of dozens falling by the wayside and eventually dropping off my radar – into spare room, bottom drawer, kept out of sunlight oblivion. To combat this, several years ago I started carrying a notebook around with me and forced myself to write up the results of every product that I took the time to test – but the busier I became, the less I scribbled. The notebook – a pink Smythson one – reappeared last weekend during a belated spring-clean. I’d forgotten quite how disciplined I’d once been and was delighted to rediscover the skincare gems I’d discarded along the way. The eternal beauty ed. problem is that the minute a pot dries up or tube is sucked dry, there are twenty equivalent products on the desk to be tested – so it’s easier to swap old for new, rather than purchase another of the same. But, of course, it’s seriously flawed logic – if you find a great thing, you’re much better off sticking with it. So, scanning my scrawls, it cheered me to see a face mask I’d raved about, but had also managed to forget. Well, this is where I rectify the oversight. Körner Sparkle Brightly Renewal Mask. What a corker. I pulled this back out of the bag and have already used it twice – both after sleepless nights, when my skin had to look great. It really did the trick. It creates an evenness of tone, softness and brightness without any physical exfoliation being necessary – and despite having temperamental skin – the formula did not sting or irritate in the slightest. It’s as close to a ten as I’m ever going to give and, well, it feels good to have it back in my Körner.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - thanks so much for flagging this one up! It had caught my eye a while ago but I was a bit too scared by the price to buy it on impulse... I think searching for info is actually how I happily came across your blog! Well a few days ago I had run out of my Ren glycolactic peel mask and decided to bite the bullet and go for the korner one... and I am so so glad I did. I love everything about it... it makes my skin lovely and smooth but all calm and even toned as you pointed out. It even smells good, which was one reason why I didn't want to carry on using the Ren mask - it made me feel a bit sickly. The only thing I don't like about it is the amount you get for the price. But anyway, this is a very long comment, and really I just to say THANKS ever so much Miss Malcontent!

Anonymous said...

oh and p.s.
I would be so interested to know if you think there are any other stand out products from the range?